Rainbow Six Siege Fan-Favourite 'Rainbow is Magic' Event Returns From Tomorrow

Rainbow Six Siege Fan-Favourite 'Rainbow is Magic' Event Returns From Tomorrow

Richard Walker

Ubisoft has announced that tomorrow will see the return of a fan-favourite event in Rainbow Six Siege, for a limited time. Introduced for April Fool's Day back in 2019, the ‘Rainbow is Magic’ event introduces the ‘Bop the Teddy’ mode, in which you must protect friendly Mr. Bear while killing the enemy Teddy.

The twist is that Operators are divided into archetypes, with their own loadouts and HP, including the Speedy archetype with the Remah Dash ability and Stun Teddy Bear grenade; the Stronk archetype with Shield and Smoke Teddy Bear grenade; and the Flexy archetype with Adrenal Surge and Explosive Teddy Bear grenade.

Rainbow is Magic also brings with it an exclusive drone skin in the Signature Pack, new bundles for Buck and Kaid, new bundles for Sledge and Thatcher, and returning bundles for Blackbeard, Smoke, Montagne, and Tachanka. Each bundle is available for 1,680 R6 credits in the Shop or via event packs for 300 R6 Credits or 12,500 Renown.

You can also earn Collection Packs for free by logging in and completing weekly challenges. The Presidential Plane map returns, too with Force-Fields on the top floor, Infinite Respawn, and a previously blocked area cleared. You can find out more in the trailer below.

The Rainbow Six Siege ‘Rainbow is Magic’ event commences on 29th March and runs until 19th April.

  • These kind of games used to be serious and for mature audiences only. What they have become now is pathetic and shameful to say the least.
  • Yes how dare game devs have fun with their IP.

    For shame
  • I get both sides of the argument, but for me, I feel like "the fun" has to make some degree of sense with the game. That's just my opinion/taste.

    I wouldn't want to play the new Resident Evil 4 where the devs have fun with their IP and now Leon is in a tutu, and every time he shoots, you hear "boing!" instead of "bang", and instead of blood, it's glitter, and the enemies look like Cirque Du Soleil characters. Are the devs having fun with their IP? Absolutely, but for me, I'd find that utterly moronic.

    Now, if there were a DLC where Leon had to face, say, the killer clowns from outer space, then yeah, I can buy into that where the devs are having fun with their IP, but there's also some degree of sense to the game where it still falls into a super natural horror theme and the hero faces off against monsters.
  • I mean, RE4R has some pretty dumb looking accessories for the playable characters.
  • @4, truth be told, I never look at any cosmetics/accessories for any game unless I'm creating a character at the start of a game. Although, I wouldn't doubt that there are probably some pretty dumb accessories in RE4R, among many other games.

    Like I said previously, I definitely get both sides of the argument, but I guess for my taste, I want it to have some degree of sense... something simple enough to work with like the example I gave.

    More power to those who dig this kind of stuff, but it's something I'll just move along on by because it's far too "outside the box" for my liking.
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