Resident Evil 4 'Separate Ways' Paid DLC Brings Ada Episode to the Remake Next Week

Resident Evil 4 'Separate Ways' Paid DLC Brings Ada Episode to the Remake Next Week

Richard Walker

Capcom has unveiled the Separate Ways story DLC for Resident Evil 4, finally bringing the bonus episode from the original game - featuring Ada Wong on a secret mission - to the remake next week.

In Separate Ways, Ada reunites with Leon S. Kennedy, helping in the search for the US President's missing daughter, Ashley. Under orders from Albert Wesker, Ada is also tasked with locating and extracting the Los Illuminados' cult's darkest secret - a mysterious substance called ‘the Amber’.

As in the original Separate Ways episode, unlocked upon completing Resident Evil 4, Ada will have a grappling gun and elite-level combat skills. Unlike the original, however, Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways will cost you $9.99 (or your regional equivalent) when it launches on 21st September for Xbox Series X|S, PS5, PS4, and PC.

A free Resident Evil 4: The Mercenaries update will also be available on 21st September, adding Ada and Wesker to the lineup as playable characters.

  • I’ll take it for tenner, was actually expecting double that price tag!
  • @1, Far be it from me to tell you how to spend your money, but that DLC used to be unlockable, originally, but now you're being asked to pay for it.

    I'll wait until there's a bundle edition on sale, and I'll cash in my Microsoft Rewards points to get it for free or for just a mere few bucks.
  • Oh wow. Dick move of the day.
    Got RE2 + RE3 in a bundle for 14,99... I'll wait for a similar sale now.
  • Still gonna wait for spring and get it all in one package. Patches, DLC, the works.
  • @TheLastAntidote & Blade Runner 07 I assume neother of you own the game cause 10 dollars is absolutely nothing today, and yeah it may have been free on the original version of the game but who cares, if you didn't buy the remake then y'all clearly don't care about the game at all so why are you here
  • Shut up and take my money.
  • BTW, it was never even part of the OG game. It was added to later releases of the game.
  • @scardro I'm here because I really enjoyed Resident Evil 4 on Gamecube back in the day and heard this RE4 Remake was a fuggin masterpiece as far as remakes go. Plenty of reason to care and get excited. Separate Ways is just sweetening the deal when I finally decide to purchase the game.

    I haven't bought it yet because for starters until about a week ago, I didn't even have the hardware to play it on.

    Then you gotta consider its still around $50 most places, and being less than a year out from release thats expected. But you also should consider these Resident Evil games eventually drop to stupid low prices after about a year of being out.

    So I hope that helps clarify why I am commenting here. You seem triggered that some of us didn't piss our pants mid-sprint on the way to the store to get REmake 4 at launch. Best of luck to ya.
  • Separate Ways! Yes. Such a great cover by Daughtry and Lzzy Hale.

    I'm sure the DLC will be great too. Never played it yet.
  • @scardro, Yes, I don't own it yet, and it is because I never pay full price for games. That's called being smart with your money. But as I stated previously, who am I to tell anyone what to do with their money. Just because you choose to buy everything at full price, or not care about what that price may be doesn't make you a bigger fan or me, a lesser one. And even if it did, good for you, I'm not here to impress anyone.
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