Starfield Xbox Wireless Controller Outed Ahead of Sunday's Xbox Games Showcase

Starfield Xbox Wireless Controller Outed Ahead of Sunday's Xbox Games Showcase

Richard Walker

It seems that a new Starfield Xbox Wireless Controller will be going on sale following the Xbox Games Showcase and subsequent Starfield Direct, scheduled for this Sunday. The controler and a matching headset have been spied on the shelves of US retailers, although neither are yet available for purchase.

The sightings come care of reliable dataminer billbil-kun via DealLabs, who has an enviably accurate track record regarding this sort of thing. It seems that the Starfield controller and headset will be unveiled during the Starfield Direct live stream on Sunday, before both immediately go on sale.

Reportedly, the Starfield Xbox Wireless Controller (pictured in the tweet below) will retail for $79.99/£69.99/€74.99, while the headset will set you back $124.99/£114.99/€124.99. Images of the controller have been spotted previously, but this is the first time we've seen them in the wild.

The Xbox Games Showcase is scheduled for 11th June at 10am PT/1pm ET/6pm BST/7pm CET/4am JST/5am AEST, with the Starfield Direct broadcast following shortly after, making for “roughly two hours of non stop games, games, games, games, and Starfield”, according to Xbox Marketing VP Aaron Greenberg.

  • Wouldn’t that mean that it’s already sitting somewhere on the shelf? Looks rather nice of it wasn’t your regular cheaply made MS controller…
  • @1 cheaply made? I've never had an issue with a single Xbox controller, going back to the OG console
  • Other than the 360 era, I've barely gone through controllers.

    It's a nice looking controller, and I'm rather hyped for Starfield, so I might grab one.
  • That's a lovely controller. If I hadn't just (foolishly) bought a Redfall controller I'd pull the trigger.
  • I'd agree with #1 ive had issues with every pad post 360 era including the 'elite' controller where the rubber started flapping after few months and one of the bumpers knackered after a year or so.
  • Eventually (sometimes very quickly) I have had an issue with every Xbox controller I've ever owned. Sure as shit will never buy another Elite controller, they're a complete joke!
  • Controller is ready.

    And the game is?
  • Some of you are lucky then! Rive had about 6 controllers since series x came out lol if it’s not one think, it’s snother, but biggest joke was me Elite gears controller getting drift 13months after purchase and MS saying sorry no dice since factory warranty expired month earlier. How interesting!
  • Agreed #2. Xbox controllers have always been excellent in my book. No complaints here, and that Starfield control is speaking to me.
  • I guess your mileage may vary, but I question how people handle/treat their controllers. I own a Series X, and I'm actually still using the controller from my Xbox One on it. Yes, the first generation of Xbox One, not S or X.

    To think that some people went through multiple controllers already, I wonder... are they being gorillas or am I being a dainty flower?
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