Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Calendar Easter Egg Points to Possibility of More Batman

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Calendar Easter Egg Points to Possibility of More Batman

Richard Walker

A series of calendars have started popping up across Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League's Metropolis, which is thought to be an Easter egg hinting at the possibility of more Batman.

The calendars, pasted up in various places all over the city, were initially spotted by Batman Arkham Videos (via Eurogamer), and each sports a circled date. When deciphered (the date circled on each calendar denotes a letter of the alphabet) the calendars spell out ‘He Will Return'.

But it's the final calendar found in Centennial Park (pictured below), where the boss fight against the Dark Knight takes place, that provides the biggest clue. It's a December calendar featuring the 14th marked with a bat symbol. Presumably it means something Batman-related is on the way to Kill the Justice League.


In Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (SPOILERS for the game's story follow) Batman is unceremoniously dispatched with a bullet to the head, seemingly killing off the beloved Arkham version of the character voiced by the late Kevin Conroy. However, a number of theories have been circulating that this might not be the end for Bats, or, indeed, the rest of the Justice League.

One such theory suggests that the Justice League you kill off in the game are clones created by Brainiac, while another offers a multiverse explanation, suggesting that a Batman, Flash, Superman Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman from other universes could see the characters return in some shape or form.

With Elseworlds Joker due to be added to the game in March for Season 1, seemingly anything could be possible. But the question remains: if developer Rocksteady isn't planning anything further for Batman, then what do the calendars mean? Calendar Man? That seems somewhat unlikely. Hopefully, all will be revealed soon.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is out now for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

  • When I spoiled the ending for myself, my initial thought was "Oh, ok, so the game itself doesnt take place in the Arkham universe, it's just connected because of the multiversal story elements" That's what id like to believe, anyways
  • They are just trying to fix somehow the dumpshit they originally did after the massive hate received from the fans. This game as a whole is utter garbage no matter what they put in or out.
    It is a boring, cringe-making and uninspired looter shooter with good graphics and nothing more. The real and brilliant Rocksteady we knew a few years ago is already dead. This game is the undeniable proof.
  • To me, I think Batman died in Gotham Knights and whatever Knight took over the Batman role died in Suicide Squad

    But I haven't played either game nor do I think I ever will
  • This shit is deep, lol.
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