Wild Hearts Wolf-Type Grimstalker Kemono Out Now, 'Petal-Manipulating' Fox Kemono Coming in April

Wild Hearts Wolf-Type Grimstalker Kemono Out Now, 'Petal-Manipulating' Fox Kemono Coming in April

Richard Walker

EA and Koei Tecmo have released the second free update for Wild Hearts today, adding the wolf-type Grimstalker Kemono subspecies to Omega Force's monster hunting epic. You'll find the beast roaming Natsukodachi Isle.

A variant of Wild Hearts' ferocious Deathstalker, the Grimstalker is able to manipulate searing flame and surging seas, using the two elements to launch attacks. It's recommended that you use the Elemental Lantern Karakuri to dampen the power of the Grimstalkers molten rocks and powerful waves.

With the arrival of the Grimstalker come new weapons that can be forged using materials from the creature, some of which are apparently “capable of blows that rend heaven and earth asunder.” The update also adds the new Fulgent Armor set, as well as three special quests that offer new Chat Stamps and Emotes as rewards.

The Grimstalker update is available now for Wild Hearts, with the next free content update due to drop on 6h April, featuring the new "petal-manipulating fox Kemono, Murakumo, as well as more new weapons and armour to forge from Murakumo materials. Additionally, the April update will include a new Spinning Top Karakuri, the Limit Break system, and various fixes and enhancements.

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  • This is how you keep a game alive. Every month a new monster with a new outfit/weapon skin with quest :)
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