The Xbox 360 Marketplace Won't Be Closing in May 2023, Despite Xbox Support Article's Claim

The Xbox 360 Marketplace Won't Be Closing in May 2023, Despite Xbox Support Article's Claim

Richard Walker

With Microsoft planning to remove more than 40 games from the Xbox 360 Marketplace in a few days, concerns have been raised that the console's store could be closing down entirely. And with Wario64 on Twitter spying an Xbox Support Page stating that the Xbox 360 Marketplace could be closing by May 2023, users have been understandably worried.

“We will be closing the Xbox 360 marketplace over the next year, so we encourage you to purchase any 360 games or DLC by May 2023,” the Xbox support article stated, which, as reported by Gematsu, was apparently posted in error, according to a spokesperson for Microsoft. Any worries that the Xbox 360 Marketplace faces shutdown in May, therefore, can be set aside. It's not happening.

That said, the delisting of 40-something games and items of DLC from the Xbox 360 Marketplace isn't exactly a positive thing, and could indeed be the first signs that the console's store could be due to close down in the near future. You will still be able to purchase any delisted games that are also backwards compatible via the Microsoft Store on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

And, if you've already purchased any of the affected games, you be able to access them via the download library on your Xbox 360 console.

  • It's still a great console and I'm happy old timers can still pull their Xbox 360 out of the closet after a decade and still enjoy their digital purchases.

    Take notes Sony & Nintendo.
  • @Blade Runner 07 I agree completely with you. Great console and lots of great games to play even till this day. Since the start of the backward compatibility program 8 years ago, Microsoft showed that they are really taking seriously their consoles, their service and their gamers. In my own opinion, Phil Spencer as head of Xbox is doing quite a great job since then.
  • Never understood why, but for some reason it’s not possible to buy Skate 2 on the Xbox market place. At least when you try to do it on a console that is..

    So for anyone who wants to buy/play Skate 2 on any console besides Xbox 360

    Just visit this link and buy it on the actual website itself.
  • Although I personally haven't used it in 7 years, I too have to give MS credit for keeping so much of the 360 landscape up and running to this day. Considering the OG Xbox was done just less than 5 years after the 360's launch, I wouldn't have been surprised if it had been shut down this year (10 years after the X1 release). If MS wants to wait 'til the end of 2025, it will have given the 360 a solid 20-year run, and that ain't bad!
  • Yep I wont be disappointed even if it shuts down.. I mean just look at Sony and especially Nintendo ..They shut down even WiiU store even. Lol imagine Xbox One store shutting down now
  • Only some questions remain: if Microsoft eventually shut down the Xbox 360 service our old consoles will render completely useless? Could we still use it to run physical games or digital downloads stored in the HHD of the console? If we unlock some achievements while playing on the Xbox 360 will them still synchronize and carry on to our profiles?
  • @6 If MS eventually shuts down the 360 service you would still be able to play discs and any downloaded patches, games, and DLCs that reside on your hard drive. I actually own multiple hard drives for my 360 containing the many XBLA and digital games that I've purchased, even though I'll most likely never touch them at this point. Syncing achievements sounds doubtful, so playing via backwards compatibility, if available, would be the best bet.
  • @7 Umm... I don´t think they are talking about closing the "360 service", whatever that means, only the 360 Marketplace. Which means that our beautiful 360s will still connect to Xbox Live where we can see our friends and earn achievements and whatever just like normal, we just won´t be able to download any games or DLC. Achievements and Marketplace are two different things altogether, killing achievements for/from 360 games would be like, the worst idea ever... :-)
  • @8 All of what you said is correct. I was merely responding to the hypothetical mentioned by CANTINFLAS. "If MS eventually..."

    Although I've never tried it, I assume an OG Xbox finds nothing if one tries to connect it to the internet? It is only logical to deduce that eventually in time, someday, MS will carefully make the decision to cut the juice so to speak. I mean they can't keep it running forever, right? So, if they want to keep it working for 50 years that's up to them.
  • @Steakslave I completely agree wih you, sorry if my initial response was a little...quippy :-)
    The OG Xbox question is an interesting one, I thought about connecting my OG box just now and see what happens, but I decided on the easy route instead(Wikipedia :-p), which says: "Xbox Live for the original Xbox was discontinued by Microsoft on April 15, 2010, encouraging gamers to upgrade to the Xbox 360". So you´re correct in that it won´t find anything online whatsoever. However, I think(hope?) the big difference here is that the OG Xbox didn´t have Achievements or a Marketplace as we know it today. Achievements are what we are here for at least on this forum, right? :-p Personally I would certainly not have spent the last two months playing through all the F1 games on the 360 if it weren´t for that sweet 4000+G ;-)
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