Xbox Series X|S Console Refresh Due in 2024 According to Leaked FTC Trial Documents, Next-Gen Console Planned for 2028

Xbox Series X|S Console Refresh Due in 2024 According to Leaked FTC Trial Documents, Next-Gen Console Planned for 2028

Richard Walker

Leaked court documentation from Microsoft's FTC trial have revealed that an Xbox Series X|S console refresh is seemingly due next year, ahead of a new next-gen console planned for 2028.

Codenamed ‘Brooklin’, the new Xbox Series X will boast the same specs as the current Series X, but will be an all-digital console without the disc-drive, offering a 2TD SSD. It'll also sport a cylindrical design, which makes it look like a smart speaker, and is set to arrive in October 2024 for $499.

Apparently, the new Xbox Series X will also use less power, feature a USB-C on its front, and will have a “all-new, more immersive controller”, whatever that means. It appears that Microsoft is having a go at making its own PS5-style DualSense controller, with “precision haptic feedback” and VCA haptics that double as speakers.

The Xbox Series S refresh (codenamed ‘Ellewood’), meanwhile, will retain the look and $299 price of the current console, with a 1TB SSD and the same all-new controller set to be included with the new Xbox Series X.

As for those next-gen console plans, Microsoft is targeting a 2028 launch, with “cloud hybrid games” and an “immersive game and app platform” the remit for the next Xbox. “The journey has already begun... and design choices are being made,” one slide from the leaked documents states, with dev kits scheduled to be delivered to studios in 2027.

  • I wonder how the cylindrical design will work with the storage cards?

    Will they still stick out like they do now, or will they sit flush inside a panel with a mechanical ejection button?
  • Nice that nothings not too advanced. I'm not kicking myself for buying a Series X recently.
  • Only thing that bothers me is that they are doing the superior model (Xbox Series X refresh) a digital only console. And for the looks of it, maybe the next generation will remove disc drives enterily. What are we supposed to do all gamers like me who own a lot of games on disc anyway? Are we going to lose all those games eventually right?
  • No surprise here, basically Xbox 360 Elite days all over again.

    No real reason to buy it unless you don’t already own a series x.

    At that point it just comes down to if you want a cylindrical console or rectangle console.
  • No disc drive? MS, shove it up your.....
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